Edgar Huckert: C++/STL samples

STL means "standard template library". Twenty years ago the C++ STL library was in its beginnings and was very complex and not very reliable. Every C++ programmer (including me) had his own implementations for concepts like string or list. Large GUI libraries like wxWidgets still have their own string and list classes. Note that the STL is not the same type of library as the normal ones: STL is completely implemented on the preprocessor level. Normally (there are exceptions!) you will not find someting like libstl.a,libstl.so (Unix) or libstl.dll/libstl.lib (Windows). You don't need to link an extra library when you use STL.

Things have improved in the mean time. I use STL now from time to time - especially when it comes to integrate foreign source code.

Here are some simple source code files that test the most frequently used classes:

Note that some of these classes require knowledge about the concept of templates which is not explained here.
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