Edgar Huckert: downloads for double bass/Kontrabass (up to 3 basses)

You will find information on usage and copyrights at the end of this page.

Bild Kontrabass

Some usage and copyright hints

The MIDI, PDF and MP3 files that you can download here have been prepared exclusively by me for training (practising) purpose. There is no deep concept in the choice of the pieces: they exist as they are as I needed them for a concrete playing context. In most cases I have the copyrights for these files. You may use them in non commercial contexts. If you want to use them in an Internet context then please create a link to this page - do not distribute (modified) copies.
The bibliographic references for the pieces on this page are here.

If ever possible - and if I didn't forget to arrange it this way - the MIDI and MP3 files have the solo voice on the right channel (or the left channel if your cables are not correctly connected) and the rest of the voices on the other channel. You can suppress the solo channel to a large degree if your sound producing device (amplifier) has a "balance" or "pan" control. Unfortunately many of the newer amplifiers (called "boom boxes" etc.) do no longer have a balance/pan knob.

A special hint for MacIntosh and Android users: these operating systems have no builtin MIDI players - when you play the MIDI files you hear nothing! I have started to convert some MIDI files to MP3 - but it will last some months until I have converted and uploaded them all. This situation is a shame for MacIntosh (Apple) and Android (Google): MP3 files can't be modified in the same degree as MIDI files. Normally they are two magnitudes bigger (factor 100 and more) than MIDI files.

More MIDI links

You will find links to more MIDI files for double bass on Bob Gollihur's page. This page contains also links to other useful double bass related topics


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