Problems with the design of a MIDI editor

Anacrusis and count-in beats

You may have seen that HUMidi offers a feature to add count-in beats at the start of a MIDI file portion.

Producing count-in beats seems to be a rather simple problem: put the MIDI events (normally event_on event_off events on channel 10) in front of the MIDI file and play that file. This was my first naive approach. You will find that this is not a satisfying approach with many MIDI files.

For scores starting with an anacrusis some usual MIDI converters (I use the MIDI converter in Capella V4.0) generate rests in front of a MIDI score - even if you don't enter rests in the score:

This is normally not a problem - both notations and MIDI renditions are valid. It may however be a problem if you add count-in beats in front of the MIDI tune: should the count-in beats replace the rests or leave the rests intact? I guess that every normal musician agrees that the count-in beats replace (overwrite) the rests. Things may even be more complex: the sum of rests may be so small that a single count-in beat cannot fill this measure!.

When adding count-in beats a designer for a MIDI editor must proceed as follows:

This is the rough algorithm. Note that this algorithm is not 100% correct: there are many MIDI file on the commercial and the PD market that have no measure events at all! Measure events are optional in the MIDI standard.

The bitter consequence is thus: it is not possible to design an algorithm that produces correct count-in events for all MIDI files.

Even if you succeed to place the count-in beats correctly in the MIDI file some problems may still remain. The musician cannot be forced to specify the "usual" number of count-in beats. In our notation sample above this would be 3 or 7 count-in beats - he can also specify 5 or 6 or.... if he likes this. You (being the designer of the MIDI editor) will now have the problem that the bar/beat count may be incorrect - which may lead to an even more complex algorithm just to produce count-in beats.

Let me remember that - even if you have solved all these problems - some questions remain open:

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